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Frequently Asked Questions

Top Ten Questions of Potential Guests.

Where is the church and where do I park?

The church is located at 626 Savannah Highway.  It is in the West Ashley area of Charleston.   The church grew out of the post WW II expansion of the city, so we are just off  the peninsula of Historic Charleston. Parking is as far away from the sanctuary as we could manage.   Really.  The main parking lot is on the western side of the property away from the old city.  We did not plan it that way … it’s just the way it got to be.  If that's too far to walk, drive around behind the Sanctuary. There is a row of handicap spots for those with appropriate tags, and a row of yellow-painted spots designated for those that need a shorter walk.

Will there be some one to help me find my way in?

In the first door  next to the  parking lot on the front of the building there will be a “Coffee Spot”.    There will be  people there  between the Sunday School hour and the 11:00 service.  They will be helpful.   At other times  come all the way down to the Sanctuary at the far end of the property from the parking lot.  Ushers and Greeters will help you there.  

Is the place handicap friendly?

Mostly,  we could do better but most of the building is handicap accessible by ramps or through the elevator.    There are Handicap parking spaces on all sides of the building and we do provide hearing assistance devices for  those who could use them.  For those who need the  privacy of  a separate / smaller space for worship we have a projection system in the  chapel with a live feed from the Sanctuary for  our services.   Feel free to contact a greeter for information about any or all of the above mentioned resources or for any others.

As a guest will I be singled out during the service?

We don't single out guests, but  we will give you the opportunity to provide us with contact information by the passing of  an attendance registry.  You have a chance to shake hands with our greeters at the doors, and during the service we have a "pass the peace" time where the congregation stands to greet those sitting around them in the pews. 

Is there a dress code/ will I feel out of place in “tourist” clothes.

Only you know how easily you embarrass.  That being said, rest assured, we live in tourist town.  We know that. And we love that you have  come to visit our town and to take time to consider visiting with us.  You will find folk here in “Sunday Go to Meetin” clothes.  You will also find folk here in rather comfortable attire.   You will find some of the former that are jealous of the latter.  

What is the service like?

The 8:30 service is  described as  “more casual”.  More casual than what we are not sure.   The 11:00 service is  “traditional”.  It’s not quite high church but it is pretty liturgically organized.  Our services  are ordered and follow a pattern but have a friendly,  open flavor to them.    We use hymnals and bulletins, there are choral anthems and yet there is time for the kids to participate as well.  We celebrate Holy Communion on the First Sunday of the month and all are welcome to  receive the holy elements.  

How long are the sermons?

It all depends on who you ask.  Some folk say that they last forever, others that they are too short, and still others say that they are just right.  The truth of the matter is  that they are usually about 15 - 20 minutes long give or take.  It is our hope that  the time spent in worship is so engrossing that, no matter how long the sermon, it seems timeless not eternal.

Is there a nursery?

We provide nursery care for children age 6 weeks – 3 years for all regular and special  worship services, Sunday School, Wednesday Night Out, and other church-wide events and activities.  Our Nursery Staff is CPR/First Aid Certified as well as trained and certified in Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children and our Safe Sanctuaries policy.

What about children in worship?

Hey , aren’t we all children at heart?  Children  are welcomed to anything and everything here at John Wesley, which means that they are welcome to stay in the sanctuary during worship.  There is a children’s sermon that sometimes is more interesting than anything else that happens on Sunday Morning.   After that, those that chose to, can go to Children’s Church.  And of course there is a great nursery that is staffed by well trained and certified workers.  The nursery is available for all worship services and for almost everything else that happens around this place.  And the over flow / private space of the chapel is available if you just need a moment  alone with a child but do not want to  miss the service.    


If communion is served will I  be allowed to  participate? 

The invitation  to participate in Holy Communion is as follows:  “Christ our lord invites to his table  all who love him, all who  earnestly repent of their sin, and all who seek to live in peace with one another.”   If you can answer affirmatively those conditions, you are welcome to participate. The truth is we are all in need of the grace of that Holy Meal.  Come share in it with us.  Like most southerners, we fix too much for just us. 

What About Sunday School?

The classes are strong small group communities.  And yet they are welcoming and open to new faces.  If it’s just for one visit, or to join in forever… drop in on one.   Try one on for size.  There are ten adult classes that are loosely organized around ages and stages in life.  We’ll help you find one when you get here.   And if that one does not work out … there are all those others.   For children the ages and grades system help them cluster in terms of skill and ability.   
The class time is set for 9:45 until 10:45 every Sunday.  

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